Tree Trimming

Directly focusing on healthy growth, our tree trimming services are perfect in every way when wanting to help a tree grow healthy and strong, establishing robust foundational limbs and branches. To provide a better overall aesthetic and promote healthy landscaping, we highly recommend our tree trimming services in early Spring. Call now to contact our friendly team and receive a free tree trimming quote.

Tree Pruning

Remove any unnecessary branches you may feel are cluttering your tree's space. Often during the colder months, it is easiest for our team to come through and clear out any unneeded branches, twigs, and limbs so that come springtime, your tree has the appropriate space to grow, blossom, and reach its full potential. Head to our contact page with your tree details and needs to get started.

Tree Spraying

If you’re looking to help protect your trees from diseases and insects, our professionals highly recommend tree spraying. The specific chemicals we use are safe for your surroundings and are customized based on your specific disease you are looking to fight. The A Plus Tree Service experts know the correct time to spray said chemicals to maximize their benefits, so call us today to learn more.

Other Services

Tree Removal
✔ Fertilizing
✔ Trunk Injection
✔ Firewood Sales
✔ Yard Cleanup